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EYC150QE Flood Control Drainage Irrigation High Flow 6-inch Gasoline Water Pump15HP Powe


EYC150QE Flood Control Drainage Irrigation High Flow 6-inch Gasoline Water Pump15HP Powe

Water pump product description

◆ The frame of the gasoline water pump is a heavy-duty structure and a sturdy load-bearing frame. It is made of a standard size 20mm round tube.

◆ Adopting a reliable air-cooled four stroke single cylinder engine, with low fuel consumption.

◆ Aluminum alloy pump and special impeller design.

◆ The durable sealing system and special mechanical seal increase the service life of the water pump.

◆ Customizable 2 "3" 4 "6" gasoline engine water pumps of different specifications.

    High Flow 4-Inch


    1. Stong power:Powered by air-cooled 4 stroke gasoline engine. 
    2. Reliable:Simple in structure,reliable in performance. 
    3. Portable:Light in weight,easy in maintenance. 
    4. Low Oil Alert:Low oil shutdown stops engine in emergency. 
    5. Long run time:Big fuel tank,continuous operation.MATERIAL-Pump body: Cast iron-Motor housing: Aluminum 
    -Impeller: Brass 
    -Shaft with rotor: 45#steel or stainless-steel shaft 
    -Mechanical seal: Graphite to ceramic.

    Product Description

    Introducing our 6-inch gasoline engine water pump, this is a powerful multifunctional water pump that can meet all your water delivery needs. This heavy-duty pump is designed to improve performance and durability, making it the perfect solution for various applications and purposes.
    This 6-inch gasoline engine water pump is very suitable for various usage scenarios, including agricultural irrigation, construction and industrial water supply, and emergency drainage. Its high flow rate and strong suction make it very suitable for short-term drainage of fish ponds, urban drainage, and agricultural irrigation.
    In addition, the water pump is a valuable tool for emergency drainage in the event of floods or accumulated water. Its fast starting engine and fast pumping capacity make it an effective solution for rapid drainage from flood areas, helping to minimize losses and restore normal operations as soon as possible.
    The 6-inch gasoline engine water pump has a series of functions, making it a leader among similar products. Its durable and corrosion-resistant structure ensures long-term performance and reliability, even in challenging environments. The 15HP gasoline engine provides the necessary horsepower for the pump to provide high flow and strong suction, making it easy to handle high flow water delivery tasks.
    The water pump adopts a user-friendly design, which is easy to operate, easy to control, and simple to start. Its portable and compact design with mobile wheels makes it easy to transport and locate on site, making it flexible and convenient to use.
    In summary, the 6-inch gasoline engine water pump EYC150QE is a lightweight, high flow water pump. Whether you need to irrigate fields, manage water on construction sites, or deal with emergency floods, this pump can handle challenges. With its powerful performance, durable structure, and user-friendly design, it is the ideal solution to meet all your water transportation needs. Choose our 6-inch gasoline engine water pump and experience unprecedented efficient water management.

    6"gasoline water pump parameters

    EUR Y CIN Gasoline water pump




    Inlet diameter

    150mm 6"

    Outlet diameter

    150mm 6"

    Max capacity


    Max head


    Self-priming time

    120 s/4m

    Max. suction head




    Engine model


    Power Type

    Single cylinder four stroke Forced air cooling







    Starting System

    Manual/electric starting





    Product size





    1 inlet connector, 1 outlet connector, 1 filter screen, and 3 clamps


    Carton packaging


    Product Application


    Maintenance instructions

    1. Fill the four stroke gasoline oil tank with 90 # or above gasoline, and fill the box with oil. Please check the oil level before each use.

    2. When the gasoline engine is operating continuously, the temperature of the crankcase should not exceed 90 degrees. Pay attention to stopping and observing.

    3. It is prohibited to shut down gasoline engines at high speeds, and the throttle should be lowered to the lowest before shutting down.

    4. The engine oil should use a 10W-40 grade, and the gasoline should be clean and free of impurities.

    5. The filter element of the air filter should be regularly inspected and replaced, and the dirty filter element should be cleaned with soapy water and dried in the shade before use.

    6. The machine needs maintenance in order to better extend its lifespan.

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