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Facing the Future and Going Global - Exchange and Learning at Exhibitions

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Facing the Future and Going Global - Exchange and Learning at Exhibitions


Through the market changes in recent years, coupled with the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy has undergone tremendous and unprecedented changes. Industrial development is slow, energy surplus cannot be ignored, and the ever-changing protection between countries also affects import and export trade.

Facing the Future and Going Global - Exchange and Learning at Exhibitions

After the comprehensive opening up of the epidemic in China, exhibitions of various cities and sizes have been carried out smoothly. Various industries have come to participate and observe the exhibition. Have friendly meetings, exchanges, sharing, and learning with each other.

Ou Yixin Electromechanical went to Ningbo Hardware Exhibition, Shanghai International Hardware Exhibition and Flood Control Emergency Exhibition, and Guangzhou International Electromechanical Exhibition in March, June, and October respectively.

Sometimes in every exhibition, one can encounter familiar companies and friends. It seems that everyone cherishes the opportunity of every exhibition very much.

At the Shanghai Flood Control Emergency Exhibition

At the Shanghai Flood Control Emergency Exhibition, we saw many heavy-duty flood control and drainage pump trucks, dragon suction emergency vehicles, robot 5G protectors, and many emergency heavy equipment. Therefore, our engineering team, upon seeing this, also felt deeply and benefited greatly. We have been engaged in the research and development, sales, and technical threshold of small equipment, which is relatively lower than that of heavy pump trucks. Later, our company's management also discussed whether we should also develop heavy pump trucks of the same type to fill the gap in our product. After multiple research and analysis, we believe that a company still focuses on its own field of expertise in research and development, striving for excellence, We should not blindly expand our production line to avoid becoming a "four different".

Exhibitions are a great platform for mutual learning and reference. You must recognize your company's positioning, not follow the trend, focus on your own field, and be known as the benchmark of the industry. Let others catch up with you, and you will succeed.