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Trailer hand-lifting 7 meters mobile lighting tower On demand customization


Trailer hand-lifting 7 meters mobile lighting tower On demand customization

Ouyixin Electromechanical mast manual lift led tower light uses 4 units 1000W rated power lamps. The light source can choose metal halide lamp and LED lamp. This light tower has 5 sections, can elevate for 7m. LED Light Tower

Ouyixin Electromechanical manual lift led tower light adopt KOOP KDF6700 generator which rated power is 5 kw, rated voltage is 220V.Other brands of generators can also be customized。 Due to large capacity fuel tank this portable light tower can continuous work for 10 hours. Hand Push Telescopic Light TowerMetal Halide Lamp LED Light Tower

Normally mobile light tower used for night lighting in municipal,highway bridges,ports,mines,construction sector construction and other fields, and also suitable for night repair and disaster scene. Hand Push Telescopic Light Tower

Our vertical mast and compact light towers have revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Easy to setup, operate and maintain,our light towers provide maximum power in a minimal footprint. With extended run times and service intervals, LED safety features, our products can be trusted to maximize uptime and return on your investment.

    Product Description

    Hot sale 9m trailer mounted light tower equipment 4TN4000

    Product use:
    Light Tower used in municipal,road,building and other departments and other construction field operations at night.


    1.The lamp with high brightness,wide coverage,long distance and long life

    2.Lamp and lanters adopt three section telescopic rod aslifting and adjusting models.manual operation can rapidly lift the lamp panel according to the requirement of lighting height

    3.When a generator is used for power supply,it can work continuously for more than 6 hours at a time

    4.The lamps by the lam pholderx and the generator base.They are light and easy to assemble,siaassemble,move and carry

    5.lamp are made of all kinds of high-quantity metal materials

    6. Equipped with famous brand engine, could guarantee quality stability and excellent performance.

    7. Equipped with metal halogen lamp, large luminous flux and long life.

    8. High-performance self-braking hand winch.

    9. 4-section lifting rod, galvanized lamp post, anti-drop, corrosion-resistant.

    10. Five windproof support legs for stable support.

    11. Integrated operating panel with rain cover.

    12. 7 meters lifting height, adjustable irradiation angle, long irradiation distance.

    13. Large capacity fuel tank, long duration.

    Trailer Mounted  lighting tower (1)t5s


    Item No./Details

    Mobile lighting Tower(Trailer)




    Mainly used in municipal, road, building construction and other construction fields at night.









    Full extending height


    Gross weight




    Engine model




    Number of cylinders


    Engine characters

    4 stroke,air-cooled diesel

    Combustion System

    Direct injection

    Engine aspiration

    Naturally aspirated



    Standard configuration




    Rating voltage (50/60Hz)

    230/240-120 VAC

    Alternator insulation

    Class H

    Alternator protection grade


    Mast & Lights


    Type of Lights

    Regular metal halide

    Light's fixture


    Luminous flux

    110000 LM/light

    Number & power of lights


    Number of mast sections


    Mast lifting


    Mast extension


    Light tilt




    Trailer suspension & axle with brakes

    Leaf springs & single axle without brake

    Tow bar

    A style tow frame with supporting jack

    Stabilizing legs & number

    2 pcs extendable bar with manually retractable jacks

    Wheel's rim size & tires

    13" rim with regular tires

    Tow adapter

    2" ball adapter

    Tail light

    Tail reflector

    Max towing speed


    Additional Features


    Fuel tank Type

    Punch forming steel sheet

    Fuel tank capacity

    38 liters (45 US gallons)

    Operating hours with full fuel

    25 hours

    Wires & electric components


    Generator canopy

    Rotational moulding plastic trunk with steel sheet base

    Generator starting type or controler

    Key starting

    Max. against wind when fully extended

    20 m/s

    Acoustic pressure

    77dB(A) at 7 meters away

    Standard colour

    orange or yellow canopy, black chasis, galvanized masts, tow bar & stabilizing legs

    Max. # of units loading in 40' high container (Some components would be detached)




    Product Advantages

    1. Optional diesel engine assy , quality assurance, superior performance, easier to start.

    2. New and unique cast aluminum lamps, stylish in appearance, durable.

    3. Metal halide bulbs, with large luminous flux and longer life.

    4. Large fuel tank design, the machine works longer.

    5. High-performance self-braking hand winch, flexible lifting and locking at any time.

    6. The lifting rod can be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient to adjust the projection direction.

    7. Novel shape design, surface spray, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant, more beautiful and generous

    8. The spring shock-absorbing chassis is suitable for dragging and walking in harsh road conditions.

    Trailer Mounted  lighting tower (2)q6oTrailer Mounted  lighting tower (3)k62Trailer Mounted  lighting tower (4)3l4


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