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The business purpose of Ouyixin Electromechanical is to have a sense of social responsibility; Product values; Full service guarantee!
Suzhou Ouyixin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (EUR Y CIN) is a company specializing in product research and development, sales, and service for the general machinery industry both domestically and internationally. We specialize in providing small gasoline generators, variable frequency generators, small diesel generators, diesel high-pressure water pumps, sewage pumps, and gasoline water pumps; Power engineering equipment and emergency products such as lighthouses, and related accessories; Before 2020, we had a service team consisting of over 20 marketing specialists and over 10 technical engineers, as well as a marketing center headquartered in Shanghai;


Ouyixin Electromechanical's 10KW diesel generator, high lift water pump, and mobile lighthouse are key products to be promoted in 2023, with advantages such as low noise, portability, intelligence, and energy conservation. They are widely used in important fields such as municipal, road, railway, airport, factory, ship, shopping mall, hotel, communication, mining, etc.

Through market research, engineers are constantly developing and striving for excellence. We have launched a new 145meter high lift water pump with a 50mm caliber, which can be paired with gasoline or diesel engines for use in high-altitude irrigation and emergency fire pumps. It is deeply loved by customers.



  • At present, Ouyixin Electromechanical has obtained multiple patents, company copyright and trademark certification, as well as procurement excellent supplier, energy-saving and environmental protection products, independent innovation brand, and multiple 3A level honor certificates.


When Ouyixin Electromechanical is grasping the new development pattern of China's economy from "international big cycle" to "domestic big cycle as the main body, domestic and international double cycle mutual promotion", we use Internet plus and Internet innovation thinking, integrate the excellent supply chain in the industry, take its essence, learn from its strengths, and independently research and develop innovative high-quality products to provide real high efficiency and convenient services for the B-end and C-end markets;Utilizing the professional experience and knowledge accumulated by our team in the industry for many years, we assist overseas customers in providing demand solutions, diligently solving practical problems, and ensuring products of appropriate quality.The business purpose of Ouyixin Electromechanical is to have a sense of social responsibility; Product values; Full service guarantee!


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Thank you very much to our new and old overseas customers for accompanying us all the way. The development of our enterprise cannot do without your support and trust, and we also need market supervision. We also hope that professionals from various industries can provide valuable opinions on our shortcomings. We will uphold our excellent tradition and keep up with the times, with a professional service spirit, and forge ahead to provide you with excellent equipment, reasonable prices, and thoughtful services. All employees sincerely look forward to friendly cooperation with you!

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