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230/380V portable 7kw diesel generator, 13HP air-cooled diesel engine, electric


230/380V portable 7kw diesel generator, 13HP air-cooled diesel engine, electric

A generator set can serve as a backup power source. For example, in the event of a circuit failure or unexpected power outage in enterprises or households, the generator set can quickly start to provide electricity, ensuring the normal operation of production and daily life. So in enterprise production and household life, the generator set is very important as a backup power source.

Three essential factors for purchasing a generator:

1. Calculate the voltage, frequency, and power of the load electrical appliances;

2. Is it a temporary or long-term environmental condition;

3. Communicate specific details with the sales manager;

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    Embrace nature and chase freedom. We believe in your ability to make your dreams a reality! Bring the electrical equipment you need, and our EYC6500XE  5kW diesel generator, and you'll be ready to go almost immediately. Don't worry about being inconvenient in the wild because there is no electricity. What are you waiting for, bring your family and plan a happy adventure with nature!

    The motor adopts all-copper motor, which can keep running for a long time without losing power. AVR technology ensures stable voltage output.Run for a long time.

    15L large fuel tank, can run for more than 8 hours at full load, save the time of frequent refueling, so that the work is more efficient.

    Accurate ignition, intelligent speed regulation to achieve low fuel consumption and high operating efficiency; double-chamber circulation exhaust design makes combustion more complete.

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    Model No.



    Excitation mode


    The prime power


    The standby power


    Rated voltage


    Rated ampere




    Phase No.

    Single phase/Three phase

    Power factor (COSφ)


    Insulation grade





    Bore × stroke




    Fuel consumption


    Ignition mode

    Compression Ignition

    Engine type

    Single cylinder four stroke air-cooled, overhead valve



    Oil capacity



    Manual/Electric Start


    Fuel tank capacity


    continuous running hrs


    Castor accessories






    Net weight


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    Precautions for using small air-cooled single cylinder diesel generators:

    1. First, add engine oil. For 178F diesel engines, add 1.1L, and for 186-195F diesel engines, add 1.8L;

    2. Add 0 # and -10 # diesel fuel;

    3. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery well, with red connected to+and black connected to -;

    4. Turn off the power switch;

    5. Push the engine running switch to the right and turn it on;

    6. For the first use, hold down the pressure reducing valve above and gently pull the rope 8-10 times by hand to lubricate the oil and allow diesel to enter the oil pump;

    7. Prepare well and start with the key; After starting, turn on the power switch and plug it in to power on.

    When shutting down, the load should be disconnected first, the power switch should be turned off, and then the key should be turned off to shut down the machine;


    Change the oil after the first 20 hours of use, and then change the oil every 50 hours of use thereafter;

    The load power cannot exceed 70% of the rated load. If it is a 5KW diesel generator, the resistive electrical appliances should be within 3500W. If it is an inductive load motor type equipment, it should be controlled within 2.2KW.

    Developing good operating habits is beneficial for the service life of the generator set.

    Introducing the most reliable and convenient power solution for all your needs - the 230/380V Portable 7kw Diesel Generator. With a powerful 13HP air-cooled diesel engine, this generator is designed to provide efficient and consistent power, whenever and wherever you require it. Its electric start feature makes it easy to operate, ensuring a hassle-free experience.This high-performance diesel generator is capable of delivering 7kw of power, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering outdoor events and construction sites to providing emergency backup power for homes and businesses. Its portable design allows for easy transportation and deployment, ensuring that you always have access to the electricity you need.In addition, the durable construction of this generator guarantees long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you're out in the field or dealing with a power outage, you can rely on this generator to keep the lights on and the equipment running.Don't let power outages or remote locations limit your productivity. Invest in the 230/380V Portable 7kw Diesel Generator and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a dependable power source at your fingertips.