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4m automatic lifting road construction lifting lighthouse lighting equipment

Hand-Push Lighting Tower

4m automatic lifting road construction lifting lighthouse lighting equipment

Mobile lighting lighthouses come in a variety of styles and types. We can divide them into two categories: hand push mobile lighting vehicles and trailer type mobile lighthouses. Each category has many configurations, including lifting poles, lighting sources, generators, and movement modes that can be DIY. Each of your needs will change the product parameters; We hope that you can communicate with our professional sales manager and get to know each other about the mobile lifting lighting equipment before purchasing! After understanding your usage environment, we can provide you with a replacement solution and good service!

    Applicable scope

    In order to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions such as railways, power, and emergency response, as well as various large-scale construction operations, mining operations, maintenance and repair, accident handling, and disaster relief work sites for large-area and high brightness lighting, our company has specially developed and produced mobile lighting lighthouses, which can work normally under various harsh conditions.

    Performance characteristics

    The unique elliptical lampshade design of the multi-directional mobile lighting lighthouse allows light to be emitted in a straight line, providing a lighting effect for the construction site. No tools required, each lamp can be adjusted independently. Quick power connection makes it easier to disassemble before transportation preparation. The main mast, which can rotate 360 degrees, allows for adjustment of light according to different needs after being raised. The compact and reinforced lighthouse provides extraordinary lighting, and the added design makes transportation easy and effortless. The characteristics of strong and trailer style lighthouses are compact and lightweight.

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    Additional advantages

    The enlarged oil tank of the multi-directional mobile lighting tower allows the machine to operate continuously for 68 hours without stopping.
    The main body shell of the multi-directional mobile lighting tower machine is equipped with a locking function and has been treated with powder coating, which can protect all software inside the main body 24/7. The main mast and lampshade are galvanized to provide corrosion resistance for flying over.
    The multi-directional mobile lighting tower machine itself comes with four galvanized jack support frames, providing reliable and balanced support whether on uneven construction sites or in strong winds.
    The independent engine control platform of the multi-directional mobile lighting lighthouse provides comprehensive detection for protecting the engine, bringing great convenience for daily maintenance.
    The reliable 1500 rpm diesel engine of the multi-directional mobile lighting lighthouse increases its working life, and even in cold weather, starting is still easy. The auxiliary fuel tank of the engine is 114L, which automatically shuts down the engine when the fuel level is low and the coolant temperature is too high, ensuring that the engine is not damaged.
    The multi-directional mobile lighting tower is equipped with complete brackets suitable for use on highways, and provides combination pivot pins/ball bolts, 13 inch tires, 4 jack support brackets, and so on.
    The hand pushed mobile engineering lighting vehicle is a product of our company's careful research, practical summary, and extensive collection of practical operation opinions from various industrial and mining enterprises. It has been carefully improved based on the original production by the company's R&D team. On the basis of adhering to the advantages of the original product, this product has made significant improvements in both design and practicality, and has been tested by various industrial and mining enterprises, receiving authoritative recognition and praise.


    Rated voltage


    IP Level


    Light source

    Operating voltage


    Lamp holder power

    2 x 400W

    luminous flux

    4 x 36000Lm

    Light source type

    metal halide lamp

    color temperature

    About 6000K

    Average service life


    Generator set

    Rated output voltage



    honda EC2500

    Rated output power


    Continuous working time


    Maximum power


    Start mode


    Engine Model


    Rated capacity of fuel tank


    Telescopic cylinder

    Minimum height


    Maximum lift


    Lifting time

    30s (pneumatic)


    Aviation Aluminum (Pneumatic)

    Lifting mode


    Overall dimension

    1350 脳 500 脳 800mm

    Wind resistance grade

    Level 6


    Lamp panel


    Telescopic cylinder

    12kg (pneumatic)

    Generator set



    A) How could I get a sample?
    Before we received the first order, please afford the sample cost and express fee. We will return the sample cost back to you within your first order.

    B) Sample time?
    Existing items: Within xxx  days.

    C) Whether you could make our brand on your products?
    Yes. We can print your Logo on both the products and the packages if you can meet our MOQ.

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    Yes, The color of products can be customized if you can meet our MOQ.

    E) How to guarantee the quality of your products?
    1) Strict detection during production.
    2) Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.