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3inch diesel water pump 178F electric starting 28m head irrigation and drainage pump


3inch diesel water pump 178F electric starting 28m head irrigation and drainage pump

Water pump product description


Model: EYC80DP/E

Type: Self Priming, Centrifugal Pump

Suction x Delivery Diameter:3x3 inches

Total Head: 28m

Maximum Delivery Volume: 282gal/min

Suction Head: 8m


Mode : 178FE 8HP

Type: , 4 stroke Diesel Engine

Fuel: 0#,-10# Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 3.5L

Starting System: Recoil Starter

Net Weight: 52kg

    product description

    Introducing the high-performing 4-Inch 10HP Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Water Pump, engineered to meet the demands of irrigation and drainage operations. With its robust 10HP air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine, this water pump boasts exceptional power and reliability, making it an ideal choice for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Designed to deliver high flow rates, this water pump can effortlessly handle large volumes of water, ensuring efficient irrigation for crops and landscape maintenance. Additionally, its high flow capacity makes it an excellent solution for drainage needs, effectively managing excess water and preventing waterlogging in various settings. Equipped with advanced air-cooling technology, this diesel water pump offers optimal temperature regulation, enhancing its performance and longevity even in challenging environments. Its durable construction and efficient design make it a dependable choice for continuous operation, ensuring prolonged service life and minimal maintenance requirements. Whether you're looking to optimize irrigation systems or manage drainage in construction projects, the 4-Inch 10HP Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Water Pump stands ready to deliver exceptional performance. Invest in this reliable and powerful solution to meet your irrigation and drainage needs with confidence.


    3-inch diesel water pump, powerful, with a long lift, can be used for agriculture and garden irrigation, as well as industrial production, etc. It uses original 178FE power, ensuring quality and affordable prices!

    diesel water pump45ip

    Operation process

    Preparation work

    1. Pre startup inspection
    ① Are all components and bolts tightened.
    ② The oil circuit is intact and unobstructed.
    ③ Is the lubricating oil and cooling water sufficient.
    ④ All instruments are in good condition and effective.
    ⑤ Does the gas cylinder have sufficient pressure.

    2. Use a hand pump to lubricate the following parts with oil at a pressure of 0.14MPa: intake and exhaust valve stem, rocker arm shaft oil rod, fuel pump control rod, bearings, oil holes, etc.

    3. Rotate the engine 3-5 times and reach the starting position, while opening the oil and water valves to put it in the starting state.

    3"diesel water pump parameters

    EUR Y CIN Diesel water pump




    Inlet diameter

    80mm 3"

    Outlet diameter

    80mm 3"

    Max capacity


    Max head


    Self-priming time

    120 s/4m

    Max. suction head




    Engine model


    Power Type

    Single cylinder four stroke Forced air cooling







    Starting System

    Manual/Electric Start





    Product size





    1 inlet connector, 1 outlet connector, 1 filter screen, and 3 clamps


    Carton packaging

    diesel water pump8fme

    Maintenance instructions

    1. First, add engine oil, which needs to be CD or CF grade 10W-40 lubricating oil. The capacity should be marked on the engine and added to the upper part of the scale line.

    2. Fill the fuel tank with 0 # and -10 # diesel fuel.

    3. When the diesel engine is running continuously, the temperature of the crankcase should not exceed 90 degrees. Pay attention to parking and observation.

    4. It is prohibited to shut down diesel engines at high speeds, and the throttle should be lowered to the lowest level before shutting down.

    5. Engine oil should be of grade 10W-40, and diesel should be clean and free of impurities.

    6. The filter element of the air filter should be regularly inspected and replaced. Dirty filter elements should be cleaned with soap and water before use and dried in a cool place.

    7. After use, the water inside the pump should be drained clean to avoid corrosion.

    In order to better extend the service life of the machine, maintenance is required.

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    Introducing the 3-inch Diesel Water Pump178F with Electric Starting, the perfect solution for all your irrigation and drainage needs. With a powerful 178F diesel engine and electric start feature, this water pump is designed to deliver reliable performance and convenience. Whether you're managing irrigation systems or handling drainage tasks, the 3-inch Diesel Water Pump 178F is up to the challenge. With a 28-meter head capacity, it can efficiently move water over long distances and to higher elevations, ensuring that your irrigation needs are met and excess water is effectively removed for drainage purposes. This robust water pump is built to withstand tough operating conditions, making it suitable for agricultural, construction, and industrial applications. Its electric starting feature eliminates the hassle of manual starts, providing quick and effortless operation when you need it most. Don't let your irrigation and drainage tasks become a challenge. Invest in the 3-inch Diesel Water Pump 178F with Electric Starting and experience the power, reliability, and efficiency you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Trust in this high-performance water pump to meet your water management needs with ease and effectiveness.