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6-inch diesel water pump 15HP electric starting air-cooled diesel engine


6-inch diesel water pump 15HP electric starting air-cooled diesel engine

Water pump product description


Model: EYC150DPE

Type: Self Priming, Centrifugal Pump

Suction x Delivery Diameter:6x6 inches

Total Head: 28m

Maximum Delivery Volume:310gal/min

Suction Head: 8m


Mode : 195FA 15HP

Type: , 4 stroke Diesel Engine

Fuel: 0#,-10# Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 12L

Starting System: Recoil /electric start

Net Weight: 119kg


    EUR Y CIN is committed to providing customers with the best water pumps, aluminum alloy high-pressure casting, large capacity drainage, efficient mechanical seals, and lightweight.

    1. Economical, reliable, and durable

    2. Simple structure, 15P single cylinder diesel engine, enlarged pump body, flange joint;

    3. Assemble 4 mobile wheels for easy movement and outdoor use.

    As a 6-inch water pump in a single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine, the EYC150DPE is widely used in flood control, drainage, and agricultural irrigation fields. Large flow rate of 170m ³/ h. The maximum lift is 33m, the weight is 120kg, the volume is small, and compared to a 6-inch pump truck, it is very lightweight

    diesel water pump45ip

    6"diesel water pump parameters

    EUR Y CIN Diesel water pump




    Inlet diameter

    150mm 6"

    Outlet diameter

    150mm 6"

    Max capacity


    Max head


    Self-priming time

    120 s/4m

    Max. suction head




    Engine model


    Power Type

    Single cylinder four stroke Forced air cooling







    Starting System

    Manual/Electric Start





    Product size





    2 flange joints, 1 filter screen, and 3 clamps


    Carton packaging

    diesel water pump8fme

    Maintenance instructions

    1. First, add engine oil, which needs to be CD or CF grade 10W-40 lubricating oil. The capacity should be marked on the engine and added to the upper part of the scale line.

    2. Fill the fuel tank with 0 # and -10 # diesel fuel.

    3. When the diesel engine is running continuously, the temperature of the crankcase should not exceed 90 degrees. Pay attention to parking and observation.

    4. It is prohibited to shut down diesel engines at high speeds, and the throttle should be lowered to the lowest level before shutting down.

    5. Engine oil should be of grade 10W-40, and diesel should be clean and free of impurities.

    6. The filter element of the air filter should be regularly inspected and replaced. Dirty filter elements should be cleaned with soap and water before use and dried in a cool place.

    7. After use, the water inside the pump should be drained clean to avoid corrosion.

    In order to better extend the service life of the machine, maintenance is required.

    The main production and sales products of Ouyixin Electromechanical Company include gasoline generators, diesel generators, gasoline engine water pumps, diesel engine water pumps, handheld fire pumps, lighthouses and other engineering power machinery.


    Q: Can you provide detailed technical data and drawing?
    A: Yes, we can. Please tell us which product you need and the applications, we will send the de- tailed technical data and drawing.

    Q: Can I visit your factory before we place an order?
    A: Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory.We are very pleased if we have the chance to know more about each other.

    Q:Can I get a sample to test?
    A: Yes, sure, ps understand our sample will be charged.Q: What is the MOQ? A: Our exisiting product MOQ is 5 pcs.

    Q:What are your terms of price?
    A:Here are our FOB price All the prices in the lists are subiect to our final confirmation. In Gen- eral, our prices are given on aFOB basis.Of course, if you need the factory price, we can also update the factory price for your reference immediately.