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Dual Cylinder 12kw Diesel Generator AC Single Phase15kva Diesel Generator Hospital use


Dual Cylinder 12kw Diesel Generator AC Single Phase15kva Diesel Generator Hospital use


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    12KW diesel generator operating steps

    12KW diesel generator is a common power generation equipment, usually used for outdoor activities, construction sites or backup power in emergencies. They are typically air-cooled, providing reliable power and ease of use. Before using the 12KW diesel generator, users need to understand some basic operating steps to ensure safe and efficient use.

    Startup steps:

    1. Make sure there are no blockages around the generator and that there is good ventilation.

    2. Check whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank to ensure that the fuel quality is good.

    3. Open the control panel of the generator and start the engine according to the steps in the instruction manual.

    4. Wait for the generator to reach the rated speed and confirm that the output voltage and frequency are stable before connecting the load equipment.

    Running steps:

    1. During the operation of the generator, regularly check the working status of the engine, including oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, etc.

    2. Regularly check the output voltage and frequency of the generator to ensure that it is stable within the rated value range.

    3. During the operation of the generator, the air filter element needs to be cleaned regularly and the fuel filter element needs to be replaced to ensure the good working condition of the engine.

    Closing steps:

    1. Before stopping using the generator, first disconnect the load equipment, then idle the engine for several minutes, and then shut down after the engine is completely unloaded.

    2. Turn off the generator control panel, place the toggle switch in the off position, and disconnect the battery.

     Maintenance precautions:

    1. Before using the generator, conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the generator to ensure that the machine is in good working condition.

    2. Change the engine oil and oil filter regularly to maintain normal engine operation.

    3. When the generator is not used for a long time, the engine should be started regularly to allow the engine to reach operating temperature to ensure that the components will not rust.

    To sum up, the operating steps of the 12KW diesel generator are very important. Only correct operation and maintenance can ensure the long-term stable operation of the generator. It is hoped that users can strictly follow the steps in the operation manual, and also pay attention to maintenance matters to extend the service life of the generator.

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    Model No.



    Excitation mode


    The prime power


    The standby power


    Rated voltage


    Rated ampere




    Phase No.

    Single phase/Three phase

    Power factor (COSφ)


    Insulation grade





    Bore × stroke




    Fuel consumption


    Ignition mode

    Compression Ignition

    Engine type

    Double cylinder air-cooled four stroke direct injection



    Oil capacity



    Electric Start


    Fuel tank capacity


    continuous running hrs


    Castor accessories






    Net weight


    B diesel generator2 ljk


    Precautions for using small air-cooled single cylinder diesel generators:

    1. First, add engine oil. 2.5L;

    2. Add 0 # and -10 # diesel fuel;

    3. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery well, with red connected to+and black connected to -;

    4. Turn off the power switch;

    5. Push the engine running switch to the right and turn it on;

    6. Prepare well and start with the key; After starting, turn on the power switch and plug it in to power on.

    When shutting down, the load should be disconnected first, the power switch should be turned off, and then the key should be turned off to shut down the machine;


    Change the oil after the first 30 hours of use, and then change the oil every 100 hours of use thereafter;

    The load power cannot exceed 70% of the rated load. If it is a 10KW diesel generator, the resistive electrical appliances should be within 8000W. If it is an inductive load motor type equipment, it should be controlled within 3.3KW.

    Developing good operating habits is beneficial for the service life of the generator set.


    Q: What are the types of products exported by diesel generator product companies?
    A: Our company exports a variety of diesel generators with various specifications and powers to meet the needs of different customers.

    Q: What services can diesel generator product companies provide to overseas customers?
    A: We can provide customized product design and production, as well as comprehensive after-sales service and technical support for overseas customers.

    Q: How many quantities do you need to order?
    A: There is no limit to the quantity, and it is supported to use the prototype first.

    Q: What channels can we purchase the company's products through?
    A: You can purchase our products through our online store or by directly contacting us.

    Q: Payment method?
    A: We support collecting USD/RMB and wire transfers.