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220V single phase electric start power 10KW double cylinder petrol engine gasoline generator


220V single phase electric start power 10KW double cylinder petrol engine gasoline generator

About this gasoline generator

The 10kva gasoline generator is equipped with a powerful and efficient engine and a 100% copper AC generator, with stable performance and low noise. Widely used in banks, restaurants, shops, hotels, residential areas, telecommunications base stations, etc

R670CC twin cylinder air-cooled four stroke gasoline engine;

Pure copper brushless excitation motor with AVE

Electric start, equipped with 12V-45AN battery;

Open frame with movable casters;

The intelligent panel can display information such as voltage, frequency, operating time, current, etc;

Customizable single-phase/three-phase, different voltage generators, and can also be equipped with three-phase, single-phase voltage switching and other power generators;

This type of dual cylinder air-cooled gasoline generator has a power of 10KW, 12KW, 15KW, and 18KW. Please feel free to inquire.

    Inspection work before use of dual cylinder gasoline generato

    Preparation and inspection before use

    1. Fuel: (Tank volume is 25L)

    Must use (lead-free) gasoline of 90 # or above.

    Remove the fuel tank cap (rotate counterclockwise), add fuel, and observe the oil level gauge on the tank at all times. Do not remove the fuel filter from the refueling port when refueling. (When refueling, stop the engine and be very careful of the surrounding fireworks)


    During engine operation or before cooling down, it is prohibited to add fuel to the fuel tank. Before adding fuel, the fuel circuit switch must be turned off.

    Be careful not to mix dust, dirt, moisture, and other external impurities into gasoline. If gasoline spills, the gasoline should be wiped off before starting the engine

    2. Engine oil: (approximately 1.8L required)

    (1) Oil quality standards, please choose products with SJ or SG or higher grades, model 15W-30.

    (2) Pull out the oil dipstick and check the oil level. The oil level should be between the mesh grids of the dipstick, with the best condition being centered upwards.

    (3) When adding oil, rotate counterclockwise to remove the gray oil cap and inject oil. Check the oil level again after one minute to see if it is suitable.

    (4) There is an oil pressure sensor inside the engine. If there is insufficient oil, the generator cannot start normally. If there is excessive oil, the generator cannot work properly. Please drain the excess oil through the drain nozzle.


    The generator was not filled with engine oil when it was removed, and it must be filled with engine oil before use.


    Model No.



    Excitation mode


    The prime power


    The standby power


    Rated voltage


    Rated ampere




    Phase No.

    Single phase/Three phase

    Power factor (COSφ)


    Insulation grade





    Bore × stroke




    Fuel consumption


    Ignition mode

    Electronic ignition

    Engine type

    Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled


    Above 90# lead free

    Oil capacity



    Manual/Electric Start


    Fuel tank capacity


    continuous running hrs


    Battery capacity

    12V-14AH free maintenance battery





    Net weight


    gasoline generator125aa

    Simple starting steps for gasoline generator

    1. Add engine oil to the engine; add 92# gasoline to the fuel tank;

    2. Turn the fuel switch to the "ON" position and open the throttle.

    3. When the cold engine is started, close the carburetor choke and push it to the left (do not close the choke when the hot engine is started again after it has been stopped recently to prevent excessive fuel from making it difficult to start);

    4. Close the carburetor throttle appropriately; set the gasoline engine ignition switch to the "ON" position.

    5. Start by hand pull cord or electronic ignition with key

    After starting, open the damper; generally push it to the right.

    Run the generator for 3-5 minutes, turn on the power and load!   

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